Client Policy

In anticipation of your visit, we want you to be aware of our client policy:

  • Masks are required at all times while visiting our facility.
  • We enforce the 6-foot distancing rule.
  • No walk-in clients will be allowed.
  • Please sign-in when visiting.
  • We require the names and contact numbers of production personnel that will be performing prep, so as to make the appropriate space accommodations.
  • Client-owned: equipment, tools and carts must be properly sanitized prior to being brought into the facility; and will not be handled by rentals employees.
  • Client is expected to bring their own tools, in order to perform their work, and sharing tools within the shop is not permitted.
  • Exchanges will be placed in a bin or designated area. Using a two-bin process: one for adds and another for drops.
  • Drops will be removed from the contract and will be disinfected before being returned to their storage area.

Equipment Returns

Please be aware that additional time will likely be needed to: quarantine, receive and clean gear that is returned. Therefore, it may require additional time to notify the client of any lost or damaged equipment.

Whenever possible you are encouraged to perform a remote wrap, meaning that you should remove all personal gear from the package, perform inventory of the gear to be returned and return only equipment belonging to Industry Camera.

No personal items, such as: carts, tools, equipment or other items not owned by Industry Camera; are permitted to be returned to us.

If you cannot perform a remote wrap of equipment before returning, you will need to get approval from Industry Camera prior to returning and establish how the return process will be handled.

If on-site wrap is approved:

  • All personal items must be handled only by your camera crew.
  • All personal items mysr leave with your camera crew.

Thanks for being part of the bigger picture!

We look forward to serving you!
– Industry Camera