CINEPAK LIVE is Industry Camera’s proprietary Super 35 multicam flight pack designed for Film Style and large sensor cinematic workflows in the multicamera broadcast environment.

From two to twenty plus cameras, all the K’s, HDR, episodic television, live comedy, and concert films, CINEPAK puts the creative control back into the hands of the cinematographer.  All while bridging the gap between film style workflows and the demands of on-set engineering, video distribution, capture and control.

“Cinepak Live. When You Only Get One Take”


Cinematic Multicam – The choice is yours

We understand the importance and aesthetic value of choosing the right cameras to tell your story. Our open architecture flight packs allow you to choose from all the latest digital cameras affording you the right tool for the job.

Workflow & Engineering

Customization is key

With CINEPAK, producers and cinematographers have a choice between multiple on set workflows including DIT generated in-camera LUTs, Live paint via RCP, C-Motion iris control for film-style lenses, and on-board or redundant records.

We offer live switching, multi-viewers, monitor stations, routers, DAs, LUT boxes, gen-lock, time code, audio distribution, prebuilt camera looms and full SMPTE fiber chains.


We’ve got the right tools, every time

Providing filmmakers and cinematographers the tools to which they’ve grown accustomed is paramount. We offer a complete line of both film-style and broadcast accessories, as well as hydraulic camera peds and seamless integrations with remote heads, dollies, steadicam and cranes.


We hear you loud and clear

Although we’re a camera house by design, we understand the importance of reliable, on-set communications in a multi-cam environment. Industry Camera has the latest in both wireless and hard line communications systems to address many of your on-set needs.

Our Staff

We share your passion for storytelling.

We understand the myriad of challenges in the Live 35 and it is our continued commitment to support our clients every step of the way. Our in-house team’s experience and attention to detail ensures you arrive on set with a turnkey system every time. 

Need more support? We have a nationwide, A List roster of freelance tech managers, engineers, and camera utilities with in-depth experience in the Super 35 multi-cam world.

We’re Ready When You Are

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